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Knock Your Claims Software Implementation Out of the Park with InsurQlik

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Your claims administration software agreement has been finalized and signed. Now what? How do you go from looking at claims administration software sellers for the past six months to actually using claims administration software in your day-to-day operations? The answer? Execution is the mystery that turns the concept into reality. But what does it take to knock your claims software implementation out of the park?

Execution is the organized approach to effectively integrate your claims administration software into the workflow of your organization. This step is serious to ensure the software you selected will deliver on its abilities.

Identify your team members. Who is going to cooperate with the software experts during the claims software execution? Do your team members have the business insight, required time, resources, understanding of the organization’s business needs, and a promise to a successful claims software implementation?

Identify in great detail current workflows. Often organizations want to change or advance their workflow when executing claims administration software. As you map out your workflow, identify any dismissals, gaps, and existing in-efficiencies. Ask your software vendor to assessment and provide approvals to improve processes. While the vendor can share ideas about configuration, eventually those ideas need to be examined within your organization to determine if your business requirements have been addressed.

Testing the claims administration software is serious to confirm the success of the project. Testing often happens at many diverse stages, from testing a single function, to testing a single workflow in a full process, to finally testing the end-to-end process. Many customers want to hurry through this process because they have felt the functions have been talked about ad nauseam.

You are on the home stretch. Countless hours have been logged to develop your business workflows in the new software application. Your testing has been thorough, and the software application is working to the level you need to go live.  Now what?

Remember when you select your team members for their talent to be a champion or coach at the time of going live?  Now is the time to trust on those team members to help you determine the best way to train your employees on how to use the new software. Your software vendor will provide training for you, but you describe the way your users will be trained.

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Insurance Broker Software

Enhance Your Agency’s Accounting & Data Analytics Using Insurance ERP

Insurance agencies often find themselves helpless in complex industry dynamics. With increasing demands, stricter regulations, increased conformity requirements and heavier workloads, agencies are often under immense pressure when it comes to time management, human capital and resources.
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is effective and efficient process and data management solution that offers several benefits to insurance agencies. ERP have been broadly implemented due to their ease of use, task automation, impressive data analysis and phenomenal integration functionality. ERP’s capabilities are optimal for insurance agencies now a days, especially in accounting processes, customer care and complete office automation.

Through ERP integration your staff can view data, produce reports and complete tasks through common information portal. ERP integrates seamlessly into your agency’s base. It centralize the accounting process whole agency.

Finally, integration means you can use ERP to handle your insurance business’s accounting processes such as payouts, fees, distribution, monthly payment collection and even HR and payroll.

Automate Process:
ERP has the ability to automate the data-driven processes of your agency, from financial processing to customer services, including tasks particularly to insurance administration. It can automate Policy Administration, Claims Administration, Billing, Underwriting, Sale Management Software, Invoice and payment Management.

Its automation helps you attain greater accuracy and organizational efficiency while tremendously reducing the probability for human error.

Accounting Management:
By pairing financial management capabilities with comprehensive data collection and analysis, ERP ensures accurate reconciliation, payment collections, funds distribution and financial analysis. Other than policy funds management, ERP’s accounting capabilities can integrate payroll, expense management and policy pricing. This results in decreased staff workloads and agile processing.

Data Analytics:
Dynamic, accurate data analysis is single most essential component of an insurance agency’s success. ERP gather and analyzes your agency’s data, giving you the ability to see information and develop actionable, detailed reports. You can use data analysis to measure your agency’s productivity and determine your profit, loss and expense ratios.

Further, ERPs data analysis assist you track and evaluate expenses, accounting processes, customer data and overall agency efficiency.

Customer Service:
ERP offers impressive customer service management tools. From customer satisfaction to customer service analysis features such as, call center management, and online customer account capacity, ERP’s customer service module is impressive, customizable, and build with customer satisfaction in mind.
With remarkable capabilities and unmatched functionality, the InsureQlik’s Insurance Broker Software is an ideal solution for insurance brokers, insurance agents and agencies.