Offers Management Software

InsureQlik optimize your Decision Making Process through its real time offer management

InsureQlik is an insurance broker’s management software which enrich the customer relationships and retain the customers for lifetime through the use of relevant information. InsureQlik offers management software provide cross sell and up sell with an advanced analytical real time decision process.


It let you perform the following tasks:

  • Set up and make the offers without much IT dependence through the central management of offers across various channels
  • Retain the customers and ensure up-selling and cross-selling through an intelligent and real time recommendations
  • Customer interactions learning through experimentation and adaptation to the shifting marketing trends
  • Understand the behavior of offers to review the agents’ effectiveness and performance
  • You can make optimal recommendations along with the customer information which includes the session information
  • Define the targets and policies for the offers with a user friendly interactive interfaces
  • You can easily simulate and test the offers effectiveness before going towards the production phase
  • Create and deploy the offers with too much IT dependence
  • InsureQlik analytics let you gain deep understanding of why and how various offers are performing through the analysis of agent efficiency and other related factors.