Product Management Software

InsureQlik experts let you determine the right product plan for the increase of customer engagement in order to achieve business objectives. InsureQlik let you perfect the following tasks:

  • Get knowledge about the customer’s choices from your sales and supporting staff
  • Get to know the best product which has the most revenue potential
  • Gain complete understanding about the product roadmap decisions which are going to impact your business


InsureQlik tools for the product success

Product Management leaders want to make smart decisions at each step of the product lifecycle and that is where InsureQlik helps you to:


  • Understand the problems of customers
  • Know where to focus the team’s effort
  • Get knowledge about the features which are used most commonly by the users
  • Share the key product knowledge
  • Avoid the product misconceptions


Main Features of InsureQlik Product Management

Main Features of InsureQlik Product Management software are:


Product Roadmap

You can easily create, update and share the product roadmaps which keeps organizations informed


Quick Release Planning

It let you mature the backlog and prioritize the work before the release


Smart and Efficient Prioritization

You can prioritize through the use of data on the basis of revenue potential, customer feedback and cost.


Workflow Automation

InsureQlik experts let you save the time and avoid any kind of duplication through the use of most efficient automation tools.


Requests Management

InsureQlik experts let you effortlessly review, de-duplicate and prioritize the requests through a single platform.