Insurance Underwriting Software

Insurance Underwriting Software

nsureQlik support the business activities through a centralized platform. We ensure the straight through processing and increase control, efficiency and speed. We offer 360 degree solution for the underwriting. Electronic trading is the need of insurance markets and underwriters always seek powerful e business solutions from the top technology providers.

InsureQlik offers flexible and scalable underwriting software, claims administration and risk management to handle large range of business classes. We improve the productivity and reduce the overheads through the automation of complete business cycle from the process of quotation to the accounting. InsureQlik is perfect for single and multiple entity models and it has an ability to accommodate numerous locations as well.

Main Features of InsureQlik Underwriting Process
  • Rules-based and designed for business users
    • Business analyst can create, deploy and manage complex rates, which improve speed-to-market
    • Cut IT delays and free IT resources
  • Web-based, built on SOA
    • Flexible to integrate with legacy policy admin systems
    • Third party call outs
  • Support for a single rating engine
    • Ensure rating accuracy by consolidating systems
    • Reduce inefficiencies by maintaining and testing rates in multiple systems
  • Versioning
    • Facilitate multiple product versions
    • Reduce time in creating new products
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Our smart underwriting insurance process bring the business directly to the brokers, end users and cover holders. InsureQlik highly specialized product tools allow you to administrator and build own products to ensure freedom and independence. It is also very convenient to distribute the products to a large trading community which connects to direct online markets for the creation of new sales opportunities.

We offer seamless business to business platform with product billing, data processing, administration and distribution tools at the fingertips. We ensure that our solutions are highly matches to needs of the clients because we deeply analyze the client requirements and work according to them.

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