InsureQlik Services

InsureQlik experts are always ready to meet the individual requirements of the customers. No matter if the carrier requires dedicated support personnel team or needs an ability to utilize the support pool, our industry experts always suggest the right solution according to the business requirements.


InsureQlik Standard Implementation Process

High Success Rate

InsureQlik experts have complete know how of insurance and you know your business very well. We offer a powerful combination through partnering with the proven methodology which is based on the agile principles for the implementation of core insurance processing system. No matter you talk about the workflows maximization, automated processes implementation or want clients to increase the productivity, InsureQlik has a team of experts who are perfectly suited for the job.

At InsureQlik, we offer the essential services which the clients need to successfully implement the system and out team has certainly managed many successful implementations with our clients. Today’s complex and ever evolving world definitely want you to have a partner which gives you the ability to meet where you are and take you in the right direction where you want to go in the future.

Main Phases of InsureQlik to Implement Our Services

  1. Project Planning

InsureQlik experts always investigate each and every aspect of the business process. Our team always analyze the procedures and processes which establish the implementation scope. Our experts always identify the first sprint scope, review testing plans and conversion approach, and assign the roles to teams for the preparation of business transformation.

  1. Project Configuration

Policy, billing and claim components are configured on the basis of your requirements during this phase. InsureQlik insurance ERP experts also create the underwriting rules, forms and specialized rating structure during the preparation for testing and delivery. Our team always assist the process by accelerators for the fast and efficient implementations.

  1. Project Acceptance

InsureQlik Quality Assurance experts thoroughly test each system component which include policy detail, rating, billing, claims, forms triggers and printing before going for implementation. Test cases and different kinds of testing are prepared and performed by InsureQlik analysts. We also perform internal user acceptance testing through our business analysts to move towards a perfect implementation.

  1. Project Go-Live

Initial delivery is made early in implementation process to let the customers familiarize themselves with system. Our team always try to make one or more subsequent deliveries before we finally comes onsite for the in-depth system training and we always ensure that customer is always ready for the completion of User Acceptance testing. When client gives go ahead to our team, then the system finally goes to production.


InsureQlik Support and Maintenance

InsureQlik partnership with the client doesn’t end after the system goes to the production stage. InsureQlik dedicated professionals offer highly efficient support to the clients with their expertise in technology and insurance industry.

Insurance industry is always on the move and you always find new innovations in the technology every day. It is very crucial that insurance carriers and brokers don’t find themselves left behind on the legacy software. For this we offer InsureQlik licensing and maintenance agreement which is a perfect option designed for keeping the InsureQlik clients updated with the latest product versions and software enhancements.