InsureQlik Captive Managemen

No matter you have single or multi line captive or your major focus is on claims administration for your multinational business, InsureQlik Captive Management is the right solution for you.

InsureQlik let you handle the following challenges with ease:

  • It let you set up an infrastructure without any issue.
  • You can easily set up business processes, procedures and reporting facilities
  • It is easy to set up simple and consistent tariffs which makes it easy to isolate the bad risks
  • Ensure a perfect risk management approach and risk culture among the employees
  • It support your business to achieve its objectives through 100% customization

InsureQlik Captive Management let you achieve the best practice in running a captive. It is a process oriented approach and it gives you an opportunity to administrate and build the internal network. It will support the role of the risk manager within an organization. InsureQlik captive insurance management solution let you deal with the numerous challenges efficiently.

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